Outline of the exhibition

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to announce that it will hold a solo exhibition called "Revealing the Birth of Images" by YAMAGUCHI Soichi.

Utilizing both vivid color and pop expressions, Yamaguchi creates a motif that has the formation and structure of a painting. The Overlap of Paint series, which continues on from his last solo exhibition "Ohana no Enoe" (2020), is a series with a focus on overlapping paint that is reminiscent of a fabric on the screen of a painting.

In this exhibition, Yamaguchi himself takes the masterpieces of great painters that he has had an affinity for since he was young as his motif, and in one go he disassembles and reconstructs them. His form of expression shows his process until the painting is complete, the exploration of pure painting, and the enjoyment of painting. Masterpieces that have iconic roles for all artists are reconstructed by Yamaguchi and layers of paint hidden under a surface layer, the artist's thoughts, interests and passions create an expression that reveal the birth of images.

Please take this opportunity to appreciate the work of a very talented artist.


- "Revealing the Birth of Images" as painting color again and again -

When does paint turn into a painting on a canvas?

The substance of paint is applied to a canvas with a certain intention, and it is a collection of touches and processes that turn this into an image which is conveyed to the viewer.

It is a clear desire to want this, to not just add paint again and again.
The act of repeatedly painting a canvas with paint is reflected on the canvas through my own sense of touch, and the image I am thinking of becomes displayed on the canvas in front of my eyes.
This does not give 100% satisfaction, but it is repeated endlessly.

"Until this color has that feeling of resistance, I am going to keep applying it carefully and softly."
"I will paint it all the way around smoothly and neatly so that this edge is really sharply effective."
"I will paint again as I want to get a hue that looks sweeter, more delicious, and more dignified."

Even if it's a solid blue picture, it will show there.
This process of paint turning on a canvas to turn it into a painting is what I call "revealing the birth of images," and I think it's an important part of my focus on painting.

In this exhibition, I face the concept of revealing the birth of images created by layers of paint, with a focus on masterpieces I have known since I was a child, with the thought of wanting to paint a picture until it gives birth to an image.