MATSUBA Collection

MATSUBA Collection

2023.02.09 - 02.25

KADOTA Mitsumasa, HASHIGUCHI Lintalow, SUNAGA Aru, and others

Outline of the exhibition

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to announce that it will hold a collection exhibition called MATSUBA Collection by the architect Kunihiko Matsuba.

Born in Tokyo in 1979, Kunihiko Matsuba graduated from the graduate school of the Tokyo University of the Arts and went independent without working at a company office. He learned actual design work by himself without studying under established architects. He is an architect with an unusual career that the very first building he designed in his life was a public cultural facility (Old sake brewery renovation plan (Hirozakari Sake Brewery), Nakanojo-machi, Gumma Prefecture).

This same project also attracted attention by winning architecture awards in Japan and abroad, such as the Yoshinobu Ashihara Award for Excellence and the JCD Rookie Award.

He aims to realize architecture that creates new value with innovative design methods such as "floating," "warping," and "sharpening," and his ideas and work have more than a little something in common with contemporary art.

In this exhibition, we will exhibit a part of a collection that he has brought together based on his own aesthetic sense as well as new works by Mitsumasa Kadota, Lintalow Hashiguchi and Aru Sunaga, three artists recommended by Matsuba.

⚫︎ KADOTA Mitsumasa
1980 Born in Shizuoka, Japan
2003 Finished research program of painting at Tokyo Zokei University

⚫︎ HASHIGUCHI Lintalow
1985 Born in Nagasaki, Japan
2009 Graduated from University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, specializing in Japanese Calligraphy, Training Program for Secondary School Teachers, Faculty of Education

1989 Born in Gunma, Japan
2017 Graduated, MA, Tokyo University of Arts, Painting

In cooperation with : M-gallery, Gallery NAO MASAKI, and ART PLATFORM TOKYO
Sponsored by : COEDO BREWERY and Yamakyuichi Swiss Wine