Inside Someone's House

Inside Someone's House



Outline of the exhibition

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to announce that it will hold a solo exhibition by Moeko Kageyama entitled ‘Inside Someone’s House.’

Moeko Kageyama graduated with an M.F.A in Painting from Musashino Art University in 2019, and she depicts in her paintings a search for the chaos and problems which she encounters in a massive city like Tokyo, the place where she was born. There is a disconnection between the reality that is inside her and the reality that is outside of her, and her landscapes, which are imaginary, yet can be seen, that she paints in order to fill her distance with the world gradually shakes and melts fixed notions, until eventually the painting evokes a sensation like there is a connection with our own, yet otherworldly, lives.

In this exhibition she is working with the theme of “inside and outside” in terms of daily scenes of other people, that are beyond a wall which was originally unseeable, being exhibited as connected from a small crack, and exaggerated, inside of Kageyama.

Please take this opportunity to physically experience, and appreciate, the work of a very talented artist.

Illustrated books where you search for something like “Where’s Wally,” and doll houses like those of the Sylvanian Families,

can be seen as cross-sections where the walls have been basically removed.

They are worlds with one side removed to show what is inside,
in other words, by always imagining “the parts which just can’t be seen now (which have not been made),”
is this in fact not how art is born?

I can show groups of artworks that illustrate the way we meet and connect, from both “inside and outside,” and “my world and the world of others.”
These days I am learning to visualize, through the thin window gaps of, for example, cooperative ateliers and restaurants, buses and trains, and the inside and outside of every box.

Moeko Kageyama