Early Summer Viewing Room

Early Summer Viewing Room

2023.05.12 - 05.26

OZU Wataru, KITABAYASHI Kanako, DAIKOKU Takayuki, HANZAWA Tomomi, FUJISAKI Ryoichi, MASUDA Masahiro, YOSHIKAWA Tamihito

Outline of the exhibition

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to present an exhibition by a group of 7 artists called ‘Early Summer Viewing Room' which has a focus on smaller artworks.

These artworks are mainly older works by 7 artists who have been associated with MARUEIDO JAPAN since it opened.
This is a selection that is conscious of the invigoration of spring season which features the most beautiful and fresh green across the whole year, so we would like to invite you to take this opportunity to look at these artworks from a different angle midst this pleasant season.

The 7 artists are of different ages, backgrounds, mediums, motifs and more, but in terms of the significance of MARUEIDO JAPAN's selection, we discovered something in common in how they face their art when creating it and the sense of distance from the work.

Yoshikawa Tamihito and Ozu Wataru have different styles between abstract and non-abstract (as far as I know, some of Ozu's works are sometimes close to abstract expression, as it is hard to say that he has a completely representational expression, and so we will regard him as "non-abstract"). Although their styles are different, they use a similar medium of paintbrush and oil paint which we can call classical. However, the art they create is good in regard to very comfortable expression which can be interpreted in any era in terms of color and composition.

Although he is also a two-dimensional artist, Masuda Masahiro creates art without a paintbrush, rather he has a unique technique that utilizes cameras, projectors and silk screen, and he continuously creates artwork with a consistent concept and process.

As for Kitabayashi Kanako, Daikoku Takayuki, Hanzawa Tomomi, and Fujisaki Ryoichi, they mainly create three dimensional artworks, but they sincerely face the mediums of pottery, wood, paper, and styrofoam respectively, and create art that utilizes the characteristics of each material.

We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy this early summer ensemble produced by these 7 talented artists.


Ozu Wataru, Kitabayashi Kanako, Daikoku Takayuki, Hanzawa Tomomi, Fujisaki Ryoichi, Masuda Masahiro, Yoshikawa Tamihito