2022.12.07 - 12.24

25 artists + α : IXIMA Kuniyoshi, UCHIDA Yu, OGAWA Haruki, OZU Wataru, OMOTE Yoshiki, Olectronica, KAGEYAMA Moeko, KATO Masaomi, KADOTA Mitsumasa, KANEKO Tsukasa, KITABAYASHI Kanako, SATO Yuhi, SHIMAUCHI Mika, DAIKOKU Takayuki, NISHIMURA Daiki, HANAFUSA Sayaka, HANZAWA Tomomi, FUJISAKI Ryoichi, MASUDA Masahiro, MIKAMI Toshiki, MOCHIDA Shoji, YAMANISHI Anna, YOSHIKAWA Kaori, Lu Chin-Yun, WATANABE Yoko

Outline of the exhibition

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to announce the holding of an exhibition called "ART MART 2022." The "Find Your Art for Christmas" event was held in December 2019 and following a gap of three years it is being held once more under the name "ART MART.”

Did you notice that the title ART MART contains the word art twice, on either side of the M in the center?
This Christmas event incorporates MARUEIDO JAPAN's special thoughts on ART.

In this exhibition, 25 + α (the names and artworks of the secretly participating artists will be revealed for your enjoyment after you come!)
artists will come together, and art that has been made with "Christmas" and "gift" in mind will be displayed and the space will be crammed full of nice, small works,
literally as “ART MART”.

One of the features of this event is that we will only have art that is easy to pick up, with a price range of 30,000 to 70,000 yen.

In addition, the artists have challenged themselves to create a new series based on the theme of Christmas, while some artists will be exhibiting for the first time at MARUIDO JAPAN. Another highlight is the chemical reaction between artists and artworks unique to ART MART. At ART MART you can discover art that suits your taste, not only in terms of various colors, but also in terms of medium and various ways of expression.

This event will be a good opportunity for art lovers who have not bought art yet to obtain their very first piece of art, and also for collectors to add to their collections with the work of artists they are interested in but have not yet had the chance to buy their art or the work of artists they are seeing for the first time.

During the event we will offer ribbon wrapping and other services so that all purchases can be given as gifts.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this exhibition as our final event of this year. Please take this opportunity to appreciate the work of some very extraordinary artists.