KADOTA Mitsumasa

KADOTA Mitsumasa

1980  Born in Shizuoka
2008  The 23th Holbein Scholarship

Based on his own sense of a struggle between affirmation and denial, he expresses his versatility and potential through the colors and brushstrokes of his paintings. His style is highly valued, and in 2019, he held a solo exhibition at the Lincoln Center in New York in conjunction with the MoMA Young Patron Program, which was praised by Cy Twombly's nephew, Cody Franchetti.



2021 “Trinity” M-gallery, Ashikaga
2020 “Silent Topology” M-Gallery, Ashikaga
2019 “KADOTA” Lincoln Center, MoMA Young Patron's Circle, New York
2019 ”Star System” TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka
2019 ”RINNE OF COLORS” M-gallery,Ashikaga
2018 ”TOKIJIKU PAINTINGS” M-gallery,Ashikaga
2017 ”WARASHIBE PAINTINGS” M-gallery,Ashikaga
2016 ”Mitsumasa Kadota Solo Exhibition” M-gallery,Ashikaga
2005 ”TRICKSTER” Sezon Museum of Modern Art Tokyo Office SMMA FACTORY,Tokyo


2021 “Out of the Blue” ANA InterContinental Tokyo, Art Platform Tokyo, Tokyo
2020 “Looking at Pictures” Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
2020 “Please don’t start with “because I’m a Gyaru”. Half-assed Gyarus need to quit if they really respect Gyaru.” EUKARYOTE, Tokyo
2019 “The ENGINE – It induces us to... Koseki Ono × Mitsumasa Kadota” Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Nagano
2011 “VOCA 2011 - The Vision of Contemporary Art” The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2007 “The 26th Outstanding Artists Exhibition in 2007” SOMPO JAPAN Togo-Seiji Museum, Tokyo
2007 “ART TODAY 2007 – Mitsumasa KADOTA × Eri WATANABE” Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Nagano